'Backyard Bytes' by Ravi Prakash SS

Wilderhood wishes everyone a happy #WorldEnvironmentDay

On this occassion, we present you the BBC Award winner, Wildlife Photographer of the year 2014 Ravi Prakash SS makes his debut with Wilderhood Recitals and he will sharing his amazing creations and thought process behind making these award-winning images.

BBC award winning photographer, Wildlife photographer of the year 2014 Ravi Prakash SS starts his journey with Wilderhood Recitals wiht 'Backyard Bytes' on Creative Nature Photography

Creative Nature Photography, What is Creative? Ohh.. We don't want to get into that as of now! There's a whole world out there.. doing amazing creative work! You can check out the link here: CNP Forum

Ravi will be sharing his journey and tips and tricks to share with you on what went through before making such amazing work of his!!

And he would be starting his journey with 'Winner', 'Divine Snake' and in his own words,

Can there be a better picture to start 'Backyard bytes'? I would say a big 'NO'!!

Divines Snake by Ravi Prakash SS, BBC award winner and Wildlife Photographer of the year 2014

Indeed, lets dive in and enjoy the amazing work by Ravi Prakash SS and learn from the master!!!